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Energy efficiency and great storage capacity are the trademarks of the Bosch GSV29VW31G Tall Freezer in white.

Uncompromised quality

Designed for outstanding performance, this Bosch upright freezer delivers sheer quality, with 198 litres of storage space for all your groceries. Its six compartments slide out easily and are clear-fronted for easy stock checking and replenishment without wasting cold air. They include a BigBox drawer, giving you extra space for extra large frozen food such as joints of meat and bulky bags of vegetables.

VarioFreezing provides a flexible way to move the freezer shelves according to your needs. Two cold accumulators are included to maximise on freezing performance, and an ice tray is on hand so there are always ice cubes to chill your drinks.

Fresher food freezing

The Bosch GSV29VW31G Freezer works to keep your food fresher for longer. Super freezing technology reduces the humidity effects of newly-introduced groceries, lowering internal temperatures to maintain the state of current items and freezing the fresh food faster. Featuring automatic deactivation, it’s designed to store food at optimum conditions for maximum enjoyment later.

FreshSense technology maintains a constant freezer temperature by using intelligent sensors to ensure even temperatures throughout the appliance. Even the door is designed intelligently, with an air channel system to preserve temperatures and seal the chilling power in perfectly.

Coolly efficient

Rated A++ for energy efficiency, the Bosch GSV29VW31G Upright Freezer is sure to save on power consumption – using just 194 kWh per year – and thus have less of an impact on the environment.

Running at a quiet 42 dB(A), it will maintain a more peaceful kitchen atmosphere. Economical yet high performance, the Bosch GSV29VW31G Tall Freezer is ideal for all your food storage needs.

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