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Hotpoint BHWD129 Built-in Washer Dryer

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Built-in Washer Dryer

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The Hotpoint BHWD129 Integrated Washer Dryer is an 6.5kg capacity washing machine, with the bonus of a 5kg drying capacity to eliminate the need for a clothes horse or ever having dripping washing!

Featuring an impressive 16 programmes and a variable temperature function, you will be able to wash woollens, shirts, baby clothes, silks and heavily-soiled garments with equal precision with the HotpointBH-WD-129.

Thanks to the fully-programmable functionality, operation of this machine is simple and washing can be set for when is most convenient for you. The modern LED digital display is clear and easy to read and the spin stability offered by the Hotpoint BHWD 129 means you can get on with other things without being disturbed by the washing machine.

Additionally, rated A in terms of wash-efficiency and B in terms of energy efficiency, the Hotpoint BHWD-129 is an ecologically sound washer dryer. It also boasts an eco-mode and half load function which makes it an attractive option for the environmentally concious.

For an all-in-one washing and drying option, the fashionable Hotpoint BHWD129 Integrated Washer Dryer is a worthwhile investment.

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