Hotpoint HSZ1801AA Built-In Fridge with Ice Box

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Built-In Fridge with Ice Box

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Top features:

– Buy more and shop less with the generous 292 litre capacity on offer

– Adjust the thermostat to ensure ideal temperatures no matter your ambient kitchen conditions

– Suitable in any kitchen with the reversible door design

– Sliding shelves prevent you from losing what’s stored at the back of your fridge

Buy more and shop less

Buy more of your family favourites and make less trips the supermarkets when you maximise the generous 292 litre capacity on offer. The Food Care Zone is kept cooler than the rest of the fridge, so you can keep meat and fish preserved for longer.

Make savings on you household utility bills and stay kind to the environment as this appliance features an A+ energy efficiency rating.

Adjust the thermostat

No matter your ambient kitchen conditions, you can ensure ideal storage temperatures with the easy to use internal dial controls. The interior ventilation responds to your control, maintaining a constant temperature and humidity.

You can also brightly illuminate your food with the durable LED lighting, which is brighter and longer lasting than standard bulbs.

Suitable in any kitchen

You can add this Hotpoint HSZ1801AA to any kitchen thanks to the reversible door design that allows you to open the door from both the left and right sides, which is ideal for kitchens with limited space.

The adjustable safety glass shelves allow you to configure your storage to your needs, so you can easily store taller and bulkier items.

Sliding shelves

Never again will food be lost to the back of the fridge forever. Slide the shelves forward and you’ll have easy access to everything, so you’ll also avoid knocking over the ketchup when reaching past it for the salad dressing.