Hotpoint RLA36P Undercounter Larder Fridge

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60cm Undercounter Larder Fridge

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For food storage which doesn’t overwhelm your kitchen, this under counter fridge is perfect. Hotpoint’s RLA36P will slot in alongside your units, for convenient refrigeration.Store all your fresh items with 146 litres of space. That’s plenty for a small to medium household’s weekly shop.Three glass shelves ensure everything’s neat and tidy, helping you keep raw and cooked foods separate and stopping spills dripping onto items below. There’s also a roomy salad drawer to hold all your fruit and veg. It’s removable, so you can bring all the ingredients to the worktop when cooking.In the door you’ll find additional shelves, staggered in height to help you fit in bottles of milk, wine or juice. There’s also an egg tray to save even more space. This organised design helps you fit more in.Hotpoint’s automatic defrost is a great timesaving feature. You won’t find any ice on the back wall, so there’s no need to remove all your food and manually defrost. Antibacterial Protection will keep the interior fresh and hygienic between cleans.With an A+ rating for efficiency, you don’t need to worry about the energy bills. This model uses just 119kWh per year – much less than bigger fridges, and less than many of its under counter rivals too.

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