Linsar Soundbase 10

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The Linsar Soundbase 10 is a slim sound base that will support most sizes and weights of televisions. With comprehensive connectivity it will also connect to most televisions to greatly improve the quality of the TV sound.

This sound base can be connected to the televisions by Digital Optical lead, phono sockets or the 3.5mm headphone jack.

With 80W power output, the Linsar Soundbase 10 gives a powerful, bass rich sound through two 20 watt midrange/tweeter speakers and the 40 watt downfiring subwoofer.

The sound base can be controlled by the included remote control and has 3 preset sound modes (music,movie and news).

The Linsar Soundbase 10 has Bluetooth, so you can play music from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. It also offers USB playback and charging.

The Linsar Soundbase 10 is a great value and feature laden soundbase that is slim and compact with an impressive sound.