Panasonic SC-HTE80

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The Panasonic SC-HTE80 is a compact sound bar that sits directly under the TV stand or into shelves yet is still powerful enough to fill your room with sound. It’s dual subwoofer design adds weight and scale to whatever you are viewing. Complete with Bluetooth streaming and NFC pairing, this unit makes seamless music sharing as simple as a touch.

Sound modes
Adjusting an equalizer for each mode, this function enables to reproduce stable sound quality and true sound of specific scenes by emphasizing or reducing overtones, harmonics or noise. It has six modes such as Standard, Stadium, Music, Cinema, News and Stereo.

Dynamic bass
Unique sound processing technology is used to add harmonic bass to low-frequency audio signals. This reproduces deep, powerful bass sound that wasn’t previously possible with compact speakers.

Music stored on your smartphone or tablet can be played back wirelessly via Bluetooth pairing.

NFC pairing is done by simply passing your NFC compatible smartphone over the SC-HTE80. This makes wireless audio playback simple and fast.