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Create a personalised surround sound with the WAM270/XU Link Mate. This clever little box will adapt your existing audio equipment so it becomes part of your multi room system. It can also stream internet radio, connect your Samsung WAM speaker to your TV or link portable devices to your speakers through Bluetooth. The possibilities are endless.

Multi Room Entertainment
Build your own setup with Samsung’s remarkable Wireless Audio Multiroom (WAM) system. The WAM270/XU will become the brains of the network, allowing you to group speakers together and control them through an app on your smartphone or tablet.  Play different tracks in different rooms, or let your music follow you around the home.

The Connect Box will also let you connect multiple speakers in the same room – perfect if you’re yet to expand your sound system out of your main living space. This way, Samsung’s WAM speakers can be used to create a completely customised surround sound system. The Link Mate will combine its built-in Bluetooth with Samsung TV Sound Connect for a fast, wireless connection.

HD audio adds another dimension of realness, for sound quality you’ve never experienced before.

For All Your Devices
With analogue (RCA), optical and coaxial ports, you can connect all your audio devices effortlessly. From Hi-Fis to turntables, and even amplifiers, there’s nothing it the WAM270/XU can’t handle. The Link Mate lets you integrate almost any audio equipment into your Samsung multi room set up.

Bluetooth connectivity wirelessly connects to Samsung, Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Intelligent Near Field Communication lets you link portable devices in a single touch. It’s a hassle-free way to share your music through your main speaker system.

In addition to online streamed music, this box supports a huge range of music formats, including High Definition WAV, ALAC and FLAC files.

Internet Radio
With a built-in receiver, listening to internet radio through your WAM setup no longer requires additional device. Pre-programme your favourite stations for convenient listening.

Your dream surround or multi room system begins with the Samsung Connect Box.

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