Samsung WAM350XU Wireless Speaker with Black Finish

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Black Finish

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If you’re passionate about music, you need a sound system which will make the most of your collection. That’s where Samsung’s Shape series comes in. This range of multi-room speakers and accessories maximises your setup, so your audio plays throughout the home, or follows you from room to room.

Multi-Room Listening
The M3 speaker works individually, or in connection with other speakers from the range.  If you’re using multiple M3s, simply connect them wirelessly via a Samsung hub and you’re ready to go. Build a 5.1 surround sound system in the living room, or form a consistent multi-room setup. There are no limits.

This model delivers Dolby Digital stereo sound with incredible clarity. On its own it sounds great. With others, it’s breath-taking.

For All Your Devices
Samsung’s Shape series offers fluid connectivity. The M3 has built-in Wi-Fi to mesh your speakers together seamlessly. You’ll then be able to control the whole system through the free Samsung Remote App.

Group speakers together and control your audio experience from your smartphone. From here you can play different songs in different rooms, or enjoy streamed music which fills the entire home. The system is completely flexible to suit your listening style.

The M3 can play any audio from your smartphone, Samsung SoundConnect TV, laptop, PC, tablet, Blu-ray player or CD player. From music to podcasts, TV to Hollywood blockbusters, it’ll transform your experience.

A Great Look
The M3’s stylish curved triangular design is a work of art. It’s available two different finishes:

Black – WAM350XU
White – WAM351XU

There’s a removable stand so you can position the speaker horizontally or vertically. You can also purchase a wall mount to free up surface space completely.

If you’re looking to create a multi-room system, the M3 is a great place to start.

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