Samsung WAM750XU Wireless Speaker

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Build a personalised multi room system with Samsung’s M Series. The M7 speaker is a large, powerful offering, which delivers incredible sound in any room.

Exceptional Audio
A combination of woofer, tweeter and midrange drivers effortlessly deliver depth and impact.  Dolby Digital sound is sharp and clear, while 24W of power throws sound right across the room.

Use the M7 as a standalone individual speaker, or as part of a surround sound or multi room system with other Samsung audio products. Let your music follow you around the home, or set a different ambience in different rooms when entertaining. This setup is completely flexible.

Controlling it couldn’t be easier – use the app on your phone or tablet to select your music and speaker group. Play your own collection, stream tracks online or make film soundtracks cinematic. Your home has never sounded so good.

Connected, Anywhere
With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can link smartphones, tablets, TVs, PCs and laptops to your speakers in no time at all. The M7 supports Apple and Android devices, amongst many others. Samsung SoundConnect TVs will link to your speaker setup through Bluetooth.

Friends and family can share their music too. All they need to do is connect to your Wi-Fi network and use the Multiroom app.

Near Field Communication connects your device to the speaker in a completely new way. Simply touch the two together and your audio will fill the room in an instant.

Bold and Beautiful
This full-size speaker is the larger of Samsung’s M Series. Its triangular design can become an eye-catching feature or neatly tuck away into a corner of the room. Choose whether you’d like to stand it horizontally or vertically, or wall mount it for perfect surround sound.

The M7 is available in two different finishes:

Black – WAM750XU
White – WAM751XU

Samsung have produced a compact version, the M5, which is also available in black or white. Use it alone or in sync with your M7.

This Samsung speaker can become the start of something big. Begin your multi room setup in style here.

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