Sony HT-XT2

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The Sony HT-XT2 has a built-in subwoofer and outputs 170W of room-filling audio from a slim, compact box that sits under your TV. Experience virtual 3D cinematic sound with S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, and stream music in an instant with NFC and Bluetooth.

Built-In Subwoofer
Power up your sound experience with a 2.1 channel 170W total audio output and experience the action of your favourite movies with room-filling audio. The HT-XT2 also packs a built-in subwoofer into the compact box design to deliver deep, rumbling bass tones for an immersive sound experience.

Music Streaming
With its wireless connectivity, this Sony sound base will be able to stream your favourite music via compatible Bluetooth and NFC devices. Better still, you’ll have access to over 100 music streaming apps with Spotify Connect and Google Cast.

Multi-Room Ready
Play music anywhere, at anytime with wireless multi-room playback. Powered by Sony’s mobile application SongPal, you can browse and play the audio contents in the Audio Device by connecting via Bluetooth technology or Wi-Fi.

Stunning Surround Sound
Fill your living room with 3D cinematic sound. The unique S-Force PRO Front Surround technology bends sound around your entire room using just two front-facing speakers to deliver a virtual 5.1 channel surround sound experience.

Want to listen to music in an instant? Simply touch an NFC enabled smartphone or tablet to make a connection with Wi-Fi, and hear your favourite tunes fill the room.

LDAC Bluetooth
Don’t worry if your smartphone doesn’t have Wi-Fi or NFC capabilities – you can still stream music directly from your phone or tablet using a wireless Bluetooth connection. Furthermore, this sound bar streams via Bluetooth with LDAC audio technology, meaning that sounds get an extra boost of clarity and fidelity.