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Bosch Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

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If you’re lacking kitchen space but want an easy alternative to washing up, look no further than this Bosch slimline dishwasher. This compact model can hold up to 9 place settings, giving you enough room for your morning coffee mugs, lunchtime soup bowls and late-night wine glasses. Having friends over but realise your cupboards are empty? Thanks to the handy Express Wash cycle, your plates and cutlery will be sparkling clean in just 60 minutes. The auto programme can help you save time and energy too, as it’ll only run for as long as it needs to. And because it comes with an Extra Dry function, your dishes – including plastics – will already be dry by the time you unload.


Built-in or Freestanding Built-in
Energy Efficiency Class E
Max. Wash Water Consumption 8.5L
Number of Programmes 5
Height 81.5cm
Width 44.8cm
Depth 55.0cm
Weight 32.0kg
Energy Consumption per 100 Washes 70kWh
Delay Timer 3/6/9 hours
Number of Place Settings 9

Michael R Peters: Bedford's No. 1 Electrical Retailer